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[title size=”2″]About Sterling Global Strategies[/title]

hand with globeAt its core, Sterling Global Strategies is a research centric firm.  We concentrate our resources on isolating long-term trends and developing strategies that capitalize on macro level trends. Once our research department has identified a long-term investment theme, SGS applies its proprietary formula to small segments of the overall investment theme, seeking out low correlated asset classes. Our algorithm is most effective when combining asset classes that participate in bull and bear market cycles at different times. SGS then applies its risk management overlay to assure that all aspects of the strategy perform in harmony—ultimately endeavoring to provide alpha and reducing volatility while remaining within the confines of the overall long-term investment theme.

Sterling Global Strategies realizes that all investment options cycle through both long-term and short-term trends. Our research seeks out investment opportunities on a macro level and then applies our short-term trend analysis to isolate the asset classes experiencing secular bull markets on a micro level.

ashland-verifiedSterling Global Strategies LLC (SGS) is an independent registered investment advisor which claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)® . For GIPS purposes, the firm includes all SGS discretionary assets, including assets previously managed by Sterling Wealth Management Group, Inc. (SWMG), with the exception of Comprehensive Financial Management advisory assets. Sterling Global Strategies LLC was formed on April 29, 2014 and was assigned all rights and assets to SWMG since its inception date of October 24, 2008. The GIPS standards were first adopted in 2013, covering all periods since operations began in October 2008. Sterling has received an independent GIPS Verification from The Spaulding Group, and the verification report is available upon request. To receive a presentation that complies with the GIPS standards and/or a list of composite descriptions,
contact our office at 760-603-8881 or info@new.sterling-gs.com.